ESCOLHA DOC White Wine 2016

ESCOLHA DOC White Wine 2016

     All ACV wines are the result of a rigorous choice of the grapes, beginning during the harvest. Continuing the tradition of the ESCOLHA 2015, its composition is the blend of the two most traditional varieties from white wines in Alentejo: Antão Vaz and Arinto. This combination allows the producer to make a great and genuine white Talha wine, that is fruity and smooth, great to take at any time, especially with friends.

ficha_tecnica_escolha_ing2 Fermentation ♦

It occurred for 4 months at 25ºC.


 Aging ♦

4 months in heavy clay carving


 Bottling ♦ 

It took place in April 2017


 Service ♦

Serve at a temperature of 9ºC a 12ºC.

You can pour the wine directly into the glass, but we recommend opening the bottle 10 a minutes before serving, dispensing a little in a glass so that the wine in the bottle has room to breathe.


 Distinctions ♦

Classification of 16 by Vinhos Grandes Escolhas Magazine


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