D.ALICE DOC Red Wine 2017

D.ALICE DOC Red Wine 2017

     Like the White, this Red wine results from a terroir where the shale soil is the law. The name is a tribute to the wife’s producer and it results in a limited production of this great red wine. The varieties blended are the most famous and used in Alentejo Talha wines: Aragonês and Trincadeira. With the genuine features of an Alentejo Talha wine in each bottle, it presents itself fruity and smooth with a consensual personality. Our gustative papilla smile when it passes and the gustatory memory keep it all until our next botlle.


 Fermentation ♦

It occurred for 4 months at 25ºC.


 Aging ♦

5 months in heavy clay carving


 Bottling ♦ 

It took place in May 2018.


 Service ♦

Serve at a temperature of 16ºC until 18ºC.

You can pour the wine directly into the glass, but we recommend opening the bottle 40 minutes before serving, dispensing a little in a glass so that the wine in the bottle has room to breathe.


 Distinctions ♦


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