Our Wines

Our Wines

Our Wines

            Red Wine, DOC escolha  – This is a wine that has in its composition two traditional varieties from Alentejo: aragonês and trincadeira, keeping the most traditional and genuine features from the Talha wine. Fruity, smooth and with a consensual personality it stays in our gustatory memory and without it the conversation is no longer the same.

      White Wine DOC escolha – This is a wine that results from a rigorous choice of our grapes. In its composition two traditional varieties from Alentejo white wines: Antão Vaz e Arinto. This combination allows to make a great and genuine white Talha wine. Fruity and smooth, it allows starting the conversation that only the great ones can.

         White and Red Wine D. Alice  – The name it’s a tribute to the wife’s producer, made with grapes selected rigorously during the harvest. The white is based on the varieties Antão Vaz and Arinto and also two old Alentejo varieties: Manteúdo and Perrum which allowed a white wine that is even smother and lighter. Nevertheless, it needs to be respected because the alcoholic degree is 13 to 15%. In Red wine we still have the varieties Aragonês and Trincadeira, but now the grapes come from a different terroir, with more shale which makes a wine with alcoholic degree around 14%.


White Wine 1856 DOC. – The name resulted from the date of the tile where the wine is made, which was signed in 1856. The varieties used to produce this wine are the most characteristics of the region: Antão Vaz and Arinto.
The conditions achieved during fermentation and also during the sedimentation allowed this special wine, smooth and subtle as the real Talha wine is, especially when it passes through are gut and our gustatory papillae smile.

Red Wine Clay Amphora  – Until now we only produced 3 series of 100 clay amphoras, all numbered. We have 2 sizes: the regular one of 1 liter and the Magnum amphora with 1,5 Litters. The package is premium and the intent of the producer is to honour the wine, symbolically connecting it with the Roman period. The Clay amphoras are hand crafed in a small village from Alentejo, S. Pedro do Corval, known as the capital of Clay in Iberian Peninsula.

It is very important to follow the instructions manual in order to taste and enjoy our great wine as the Talha wines should be.