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The Company

The Company

     From the village of Marmelar, in the municipality of Vidigueira, Alexandre Frade, with 12 years old began to help his father, a sitter with his little farm, who, meanwhile, after having been an emigrant, had bought a tavern in Beja.

     Later on, through their friendships and other producers, closely following the important work they were doing on the preservation of Talha Wine, mainly with the realization of VITIFRADES, a wine fairy in Vila de Frade - Vidigueira, and undertakes to stimulate a project that commercially valorizes Talha Wine, trying to help in the economic foundations of its preservation.

     After a few experiences doing carving wine that began in 2011, in 2014 Alexandre Frade feeled that he must evolve in is knowledge and started to study deeper enology in the University in Beja. From that moment the conditions were created to fulfill the promise made to his friends from Vila de Frade, Following is passion and at same time honoring the memory of his father. One year after, 2015,  the “ACV” started doing wine and they are better every year.

This is a wine based project, but in which the historic component is indispensable. Beside the respect for the production procedures, and its originality, it is also fundamental to enhance the historical and museological features. For that we have, since the first moment, with the co-operation of:


Rui Mateus - Historian, responsible for contextualizing the past, for writing the leaflets information, and for image consulting.

Mariano Piçarra - Designer and museographer, responsible, since 2015, for the talha wine cellar interior decoration design.

Anabela Amaral - Professor at the IPB, responsible for the oenology area at the CSTP course and in charge of the laboratorial follow up of ACV wine production.

Manuel Piçarra - Carpentry arts.

Miguel Azevedo - Graphic Designer - Responsible for the conception, composition and graphic arrangements.

Iuri Putin - General operation work.

Rui Patalim and António Mestre - Artisan potters, in S. Pedro do Curval and Beringel respectively.