The Wines

The Wines

The Wines

     Escolha DOC Red Wine– It’s a DOC Alentejo classified wine, under Alentejo Wine Commission institute, and its composition involves two Alentejo traditional varieties, Aragonês and Trincadeira and presents the features of what we can consider a proper talha wine. Fruity, soft and with a consensual personality, it remains in the palate, not revealing its presence. The feeling that, without it, the conviviality is no longer the same.


     Escolha DOC White wine - Wine produced chosing from the most strict grapes, it has in its composition also two Alentejo traditional varieties, Antão Vaz and Arinto, which has allowed genuine talha white. Fruity, soft, it is a conversation «opener» only available to the best.


     D. Alice DOC White Wine – The name it’s a tribute to the wife’s producer, made with the finest grapes, selected rigorously during the harvest period. This great white wine is based on the varieties Antão Vaz and Arinto as the main one’s blended also with two other Alentejo varieties: Manteúdo and Perrum, allowing the wine to be even smoother and lighter. The terroir is Alentejo, but these vineyards are planted on shale soils.


     D. Alice DOC Red Wine – Like the White, this Red wine results from a terroir where the shale soil is the law. The name is a tribute to the wife’s producer and it results in a limited production of this great red wine. The varieties blended are the most famous and used in Alentejo Talha wines: Aragonês and Trincadeira. With the genuine features of an Alentejo Talha wine in each bottle, it presents itself fruity and smooth with a consensual personality. Our gustative papilla smile when it passes and the gustatory memory keep it all until our next bottle.


Special Edition

     1856 DOC White Wine – This is the first wine classified as special by the producer. The 1856 wine aged during 5 months in a tile dated from 1856, giving that name to this special wine. This great wine, blended with the two most traditional varieties from white wines in Alentejo: Antão Vaz and Arinto, has its main feature the subtlety that remains in our mouths, besides the smoothness that won’t let us stop loving it.


     PECULIAR 2017 DOC Red Wine – It happened with the grapes of the vineyard Mangancha in 2017. Peculiar, because perhaps this is the best of all and it is not possible to do for now, one as good or better than this one. This is a limited production because we only made 2800 bottles. It is a wine that we can safely store for more than 10 years.


     Red Wine Amphora – We always use the younger red wine in the amphora faster. It is necessáry to consume in the first 2 years. There are three diferent sizes: normal amphora of 1L, the small amphora of 0,12l and the Magnum amphora with 1,5L. This is the premium package, which is intended to honor the wine, symbolically linking it to the Roman período. Clay amphorae are produced one by one in an artisan way, potter from S. Pedro do Corval,  Alentejo.